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Our. Children.

If elected to the Board of Education, Chad Conley will always put children and families first.

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Chad Conley is running for Board of Education because he is a firm believer that if we are going to save America, we must start with our children and educational system.

Chad Conley is a proud husband and father who was born and raised in Wood County. He has two children currently in the Wood County public education system. he retired from the United States Military after 26 years of service to his state and country. He holds a Masters Degree in Communication from West Virginia University and is also a substitute teacher for grades K-12 in Wood County.


Chad's Platform

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Protecting our Children.

We have far too many people in elected offices that will not stand up and protect our children. I am tired of standing by waiting on our leaders to keep our kids from being exposed to explicit and obscene material. I have children in the public school system. I will stand up and fight for your children, my children and your grandchildren.

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Education not indoctrination

As a member of the Wood County Board of Education I will be committed to a curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, arithmetic. Along with these educational pillars, it is important we teach kids important life skills such as personal budgeting and investing. It is far past time to put a stop to the woke ideology that is invading our public education systems all across our county.

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Parental freedom and Family Values.

Nobody knows what’s best for their kids like the parents. When it comes to masking or vaccinating your children, I will stand in your corner and be a voice that will stand up for your rights as a parent. Parents have the right to know what is happening at school with their kids. Whether it’s for disciplinary reasons, or whether a child says they want to identify as a gender other than their biological gender, it’s your right as a parent to know. A school should always notify a parent if their child is treated and what they are treated for if they visit one of the school based health care centers.

Trusted Among Leaders

Chad Conley has been endorsed by numerous conservative leaders and organizations in his campaign for Wood County Board of Education. Below are just some of those endorsements and testimonials.

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Endorsements and Testimonials

“I have known Chad Conley for several years and I know him to be a man of integrity, and a man who keeps his word. I am proud to know a man of Chad's character, moral values, and intellect - he is an asset to our community.”

Terri Goodnow

“Parental rights in our school system are quickly and secretly being stripped away from us. Chad is willing to fight and not bow down in this arena, unlike other candidates. This is one of the many reasons Chad Conley has my vote!”

Amber Cross

“Chad Conley has my vote because his focus is our children. Chad is committed to ensuring they receive the best possible education in a safe environment, that encourages parental involvement.”

Cheryl Byers

Chad Conley is a concerned West Virginian who understands that our public schools are failing, and more importantly, he knows how to fix it. Chad also supports parental rights and knows that education works best when parents are more engaged with the schools. 

Chris Rose

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